Terms and Conditions



  • Rent House Bohol is an establishment that provides lodging and house rental as its sole and main business which is priming tourist destinations and attractions in the Province of Bohol.
  • Rent House Bohol standard rate of the entire house rental price is Php 5,000.00 per night good for and limited to 6-person excluding electricity and transportation both pick-up and drop-off. Promo rate and special offers maybe applicable in further advertisement and agreement. Guest can make their bookings and reservations earlier though our website www.rent-house-bohol.com and hotline numbers (038) 422 8455. Guest must confirm and process payment transaction within 10 days from the day they made their booking and reservation to confirm. If the guest made their bookings and reservation 4 to 6 months prior at least 50% of the total rental price must be paid and full payment 15 days before the booked date must be done. A minimum of 2 nights stay in the house is followed.
  • Tour and other destination has a separate pricing and charges depending on the guest discretion plan.
  • The Guest hereby covenants with Rent House Bohol as follows;
  • Guest has already arranged and follow payment procedure with Rent House Bohol and has completely agreed and understand the rules and its policies.
  • Guest shall provide photocopy of any valid Identification Card or Passport upon checking in.
  • Guest shall sign the Contract of Agreement upon arrival.
  • Guest must understand that the rental charges of the house does not include the electricity bill and must comply payment on the consumed electric usage during rental period.
    • Electric charge rate is Php 12.00/KWH
    • Reading and recording of the kilowatt (KW) usage will be noted upon checking-in and checking out of the guest.
    • The charges will be deducted on the deposited amount.


  • Rent House Bohol strictly observe high maintenance and caring on the amenities and facilities provided to their guests, therefore;
  • Any damages occurred during your stay as guest to Rent House Bohol in all its properties, facilities and amenities shall cost charges in the end of the guest upon checking out.
  • Any form of violence including vandalism in the premise of the house both inside and out shall cost charges
  • Rent House Bohol hereby warrants the peaceful possession and enjoyment in the rented facilities and vicinity.
  • Guest must remember that to use the rented premises as a private dwelling house only and not for any other purpose, nor to store any illegal substances or materials detrimental and obnoxious   to the neighbourhood and the public.
  • As part of the main feature of the house the management allows the guest of the Swimming Pool usage with the following guidelines;


  • Guest must look after their own safety in using the swimming pool.
  • Guest must take their shower first before swimming.
  • Guest must wear proper swimming attire.
  • Guest with children 3 years old and below are requested to wear their pool diapers and necessary pool outfit to insure cleanses of the pool.
  • Only checked-in guest are allowed to use the pool. Outsiders are not allowed.
  • Diving, Jumping and Drinking in using the pool is strictly prohibited.
  • Drinking of alcohol beverages while using the swimming is not allowed to secure safety.
  • Past 8 o’clock in the evening in using the pool the guest are requested to minimize and refrain from making unnecessary noise like shouting and loud sound or any disturbing actions to neighbouring houses.
  • Rent House Bohol does not held liable to any untoward accident especially in and on the use of pool.
  • Any damages occurred in the swimming pool facilities, guest must held liable and shall be charge with its cost.
  • Daily maintenance of the swimming pool shall be rendered by the Rent House Bohol personnel.


  • Rent House Bohol provides utensils, bathroom and kitchen materials, including bed, living and dining room materials  good for 8 persons, these include;
  •         Linens
  •         Pillow/Blanket and Pillow Cases
  •         Towels
  •         Gas Burner
  •         Water Dispenser
  •         Television


  •         Rice Cooker
  •         Microwave
  •         Glasses/Mugs
  •         Fork & Spoon
  •         Knives
  •         Bowls
  •         Fry pans
  •         Cooking Utensils
  •         Plates & Saucer

Wifi Modem

All these are accounted and shall be checked upon checking out, lost and damages on the materials/appliances provided shall be deducted to the deposit amount.


  • Guest are requested to clean the house upon checking out. An extra charge shall be deducted from the deposited amount for excess cleaning of all its materials and facilities.
  • Smoking inside the house is not allowed. Smoking is only allowed outside the house.
  • Guest must be aware that past 8 o’clock in the evening they must consider of refraining and minimizing noises to avoid interruptions and disturbance to neighbouring houses.
  • Rent House Bohol personnel has the authority to check from time to time the guest accommodation and the entire premise for safety and security purposes thus allowing the guest to call attention of any of its staff and personnel for further inquiries and concerns.
  • Rent House Bohol shall impose Php 1000 charge per person for every sneak-in guest or undeclared guest. The guest must declare the exact number of heads during the check-in time.
  • It has been a protocol that upon checking out the management shall check every single details for further charges if any or general concerns.
  • Rent House Bohol shall provide the house key to their guest upon arrival and after signing the contract of agreement.
  • Therefore, for further information and concerns both parties may communicate openly to address specific needs and concerns.


For further inquiries Rent House Bohol has its published information and contact number with office local numbers (038) 422 8455 or Racel – 09078469179.